It’s not an uncommon fact that estate agents are not highly respected. According to Forbes magazine, estate agents rank 23rd among the least respected professions. But why is that?

Why do estate agents have an unfavourable reputation?

We hear flippant comments all the time when people talk about estate agents, people don’t like or trust them, this is maybe from past experiences or a perceived idea of the industry. We have even heard estate agents described a necessary evil – we certainly aren’t evil.

One bad agent seems to reflect on all of us within the industry and we don’t find that fair. We don’t have an over salesy aggressive approach and we genuinely do favour open and honest communication and our door is always open for that. Dealing with a house sale can be a 6-12 week process – communication and transparency is key – many clients feel left out on a limb once the valuation has been done and the agent has got the listing.  Making fees and contracts clear is essential and we insist on taking time to go through the paperwork and ensure clients understand terms and conditions.

Many agents we go up against for valuations will over value a property to get the listing – we have on occasion backed out of a listing and turned it down because over valuing doesn’t lead to a sale – we try to be as realistic as possible with vendors by giving them comparable properties within the area to assist in justification of their valuation. If a property is the right price and is marketed proactively and effectively it will sell.

When we instruct a property we don’t see pound signs we see people, and their lives, often dealing with people experiencing very challenging circumstances and sometimes at a very stressful times in their lives. Occasionally we deal with first time buyers and newleyweds, excited to be getting the keys to their first home, but on the flip side we deal with house sales brought about by less happy circumstances, death, divorce and separation.

Now imagine that’s happening with one purchaser or seller – above and below them there are often more people in similar circumstances – the dreaded chain… this job requires understanding, empathy and compassion and that is something we are all very aware of here.

We are literally life agents, the house sale or purchase is just a small part of our job and for that we deserve to have a great reputation.