With the nights getting shorter and leaves falling off the trees, summer is well and truly over. Not only is that bad news for those who like a bit of sunshine, but it also marks the end of peak house selling period. Traditionally, homes have sold better in the summer, and for that reason, many people hold off putting their house on the market once autumn rolls around. But is there any logic to that reasoning? In this article, we’ll help you decide whether or not it’s the right time for you to sell.

The fact is, the housing market did indeed used to be seasonal. People would quite naturally want to conduct property viewings in nice weather, since it meant spending a lot of their free time going to property viewings to find the perfect pad. That’s still largely the case for country homes, too- not only does the spring and summer weather make people want to get out and about more, but it will also let you make the most of any sweeping views of the countryside from your home.

In built-up areas, though, it’s now a whole different story. Thanks to the internet, the winter is probably the best time to reach potential buyers. With the nights drawing in and the weather wet and miserable, we all end up spending most winter evenings inside. With not a lot to do, people’s minds will start wandering- and if they’ve already been considering moving house, they could well start to do some research into the properties available. In fact, online estate agent traffic hits a peak around Christmastime- so make the most of this, and make sure your property is listed!

Another advantage of selling your home during the winter is that there are more first-time buyers looking for a new home. When asked, there are numerous reasons that these buyers give for this behaviour. Many start to feel cramped and closed-in living at home during the winter, when we all naturally spend more time indoors. Others decide to make the move because of a new year’s resolution to leave home, and are keen to get started as soon as possible. Whatever the individual reason, it’s a fact that winter is the best time to reach first-time buyers.

Finally, while the house market might not be seasonal anymore, a huge number of people are still stuck in that old mindset. They assume that they won’t be able to sell in the autumn and winter, so simply don’t bother putting their home up for sale until later in the year. Of course, that’s not to say that the buyers aren’t out there- in fact, this situation could easily work in your favour. With less competition out there, there’s a much better chance that you could sell your home quickly, which is something that every seller wants. All you have to do is highlight the best features of your home, and make things nice and cosy- you’ll soon have plenty of winter buyers flocking to your door!